April 30, 2024


April 29, 2024 – Paris, France. LiuGong demonstrated its leadership in BEV technology at Intermat 2024 with an impressive line-up of 4 new electric machines and over 40 new machines in the pipeline. LiuGong’s tour de force in electric is part of the company’s plan to be the No. 1 in BEV technology in Europe by 2027.

“Showcasing our world-class BEV capability at Intermat has surpassed our expectations” explained Samuel Broillard, Head of LiuGong operations in France. “France is one of the largest markets in Europe and represents a significant opportunity for LiuGong. We know that French customers are increasingly looking for sustainable machine solutions, backed up by expert support and advice. We have had a great deal of interest from customers from across Europe this week. I think many people have been surprised at just how far advanced LiuGong is in BEV technology and how much credibility we actually have. We set out to show that we are leading the change to BEV in Europe, and I believe we have achieved that.”

100% Green

Intermat was LiuGong’s first exhibition to showcase purely BEV machines. With their distinctive green livery, these machines share LiuGong’s Red Dot Award-winning design DNA and put the operator right at the heart of the machine. LiuGong is leading a revolution in BEV R&D and plans to launch over 40 BEV models by 2027, including new BEV excavators, wheel loaders, telehandlers and access equipment.

4 New Electric Machines with 0% finance

LiuGong’s Intermat line-up included 4 new BEV machines for the European market, 2 excavators, the 9027FE and 922FE, and 2 wheeled loaders, the 820TE and 856HE. As an Intermat show special, LiuGong’s electric machines are offered with 0% finance for a limited period.

The New 9027FE

This compact model takes LiuGong’s popular short tail swing 9027F and changes the power pack to a 20kW LFP battery pack. The smallest of LiuGong’s new machines at Intermat it has the power and performance you would expect enabling 3-4 hours of constant work and a rapid charging time of 90 mins when using a fast charger.

Based on a 48V system, it is easy and safe to service and maintain without needing special high-voltage training.

Moving onto LiuGong’s high-voltage machines, the 3 launch models are powered with battery systems from CATL, LiuGong’s strategic partner and an industry leader in their own right.

The New 820TE

LiuGong’s first compact wheeled loader product, this machine has a large spacious cabin, is capable of 40kph travel speeds and is powered by a 70kWh battery. The 820TE delivers X hours between charges and can recharge within 80 mins. At a maximum height of 2.5m, and available with a 4th line auxiliary spool, this machine is excellent for agricultural and industrial applications.

LiuGong’s 3rd machine is their global best-selling EV product, the 856HE.

The New 856HE

A mid-class wheeled loader, the 856HE is powered by a 423kWh battery pack, and can work 10–12-hour shifts on a single charge, and fully recharge in just 90 mins. Driven by two independent motors, one for the driving transmission and one for the hydraulic loader arms and auxiliary, the 856HE is an immensely powerful machine offering full drive traction from as little as 2km/h.

The New 922FE

LiuGong’s 4th launch machine is the 922FE medium-class excavator.

Powered by a 430kW battery, this machine can work a full 8 -10-hour shift with 90-minute recharge. This is a high-performance machine with a motor delivering 140kW of power, around 24kW higher than a comparable diesel model and similar to a 26T class machine.

BEV expertise and support

Machine support is paramount and LiuGong’s European dealer network has either completed or is in the process of completing rigorous training to become “LiuGong BEV Certified”. Certification means that dealers will have passed the necessary high-voltage training, CATL technical training, and detailed service training. In addition, Certification requires dealers to have mandatory spare parts and tooling before taking any machine into stock.

LiuGong’s Electric Family.

LiuGong’s BEV pipeline extends over 40 electric machines, encompassing excavators and wheeled loaders up to access platforms, reach stackers, skid steers and motor graders. The company aims to be a full BEV solution provider.

Clear evidence of this approach can be seen at the Vei og Anlegg show in Oslo, Norway later this week where LiuGong will be launching 2 further battery electric machines perfectly matched to support each other in quarrying, mining and aggregates applications.

The New 870HE.

Equipped with a larger capacity loading shovel and supplied with a 4.7m3 bucket as standard, this high-performance wheeled loader is perfect for quarry and aggregate applications.

The New DR50CE

An industry first, the DR50CE is a 45T capacity rigid mining truck featuring a direct drive electric motor, further reducing transmission losses and maintenance whilst increasing productivity and reliability. This is a unique machine with the ability to recharge itself when working on downhill operations greater than 8 degrees. This rechargeability boosts productivity and reduces energy costs.

Leading the change to BEV

According to European Product Director, Harry Mellor, “Our new range of electric machines at Intermat clearly show our commitment to be the No. 1 for BEV machines in Europe, but they are only the start. As a company, we are on a mission to create a more sustainable future in the construction equipment industry and our continued investments in design, R&D and customer insight prove that we are leading the change”.

Investing in Europe.

Key to supporting LiuGong’s BEV growth strategy in Europe is the extension and development of LiuGong’s dealer network. Alongside LiuGong’s investments in France, the company has also expanded its European operations with new regional offices in Germany, Italy and Turkey. Major expansion plans are also in place for the UK with a new R&D Centre, proving ground, test area and Customer Solutions Centre.

According to LiuGong Europe Chairman, Howard Dale, “Now is an exciting time to be considering the LiuGong brand. Significant investments have been made, not just in product development, but in future-proofing our business to be an even better partner for our customers. At Intermat, we focus on our BEV products, but we will never forget that relationships really matter in our business. At LiuGong we are committed to listening to and working with our customers to create a better future and success for everyone.”

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