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LiuGong genuine parts come with the same guarantees that our machines provide you; reliability and peace of mind. LiuGong genuine parts are tested to the same standard of durability and performance as LiuGong machines. Down time is costly, our genuine parts will function exactly how you would expect it to, so you can get back on track to the project at hand. Contact your local dealer to get your genuine LiuGong parts.

Our European Spare Parts Distribution Centre in Poland has a surface are of 3,500 m2. The distribution facility supplies the thousands of parts needed to support our customers; everything from filters & oils to ground engaging components, to parts for drivelines & hydraulic systems. 

· 30,000 line items of inventory — With dedicated shelving and racking optimized for storage and accessibility for parts inventory.

· Advanced warehouse management system (SAP) — provides better inventory management, tracking and warehouse efficiency.

A dedicated parts team provides sales management, customer service, parts technical support, marketing & inventory management, all of whom are trained in the new warehousing processes and systems to ensure accuracy, productivity, efficiency and quality. The distribution centre has a same-day delivery policy to dealers within Poland with overnight and next day deliveries to European dealers.  

Efficient supply of spare parts is crucial to the performance of LiuGong machines. The first line of support for the customers is the local network, which carries stocks of required parts.