- The engine is perfectly matched to the transmission chain and hydraulic system, for more efficiency and less wastage.
- The hydraulic system has a dual-pump confluence with steering always in priority, reducing energy loss.
- 309° panoramic visibility gives the operator a very comfortable work environment in the cab. Fully-sealing and micro-pressuring system ensures the cab is clean and quiet.

Operating weight:

16700-18500 kg


Rated power:

162 kW


Rated operating load:

5000 kg



Operating weight

Standard bucket

3.0 m³

Gross power

162 kW (220 hp) @ 2000 rpm

Net power

162 kW (220 hp) @ 2000 rpm

Rated load

5000 kg

Total cycle time

10.4 s

Tipping load-full turn

10600 kg

Bucket breakout force

165 kN

Dump clearance, full height discharge

2972 mm

Dump reach, full height discharge

1146 mm


Cummins 6LT9.3


EPA Tier 2 / EU Stage II

Cooling system

Charge air cooling

Length with bucket down

8202 mm

Width over tires

2750 mm

Cab height

3450 mm

Turning radius, outside of tire

6103 mm

Bucket capacity

2.6-5.2 m³

General Purpose

3.0 m³

Light material

4.2, 4.7, 5.2 m³