Flexible and non-impact technology on our vibratory rollers extends the vibratory bearing’s working life to beyond 10,000 hours increasing productivity and reducing part wear.

With a larger diameter drum, combined with amplitude consistency and uniformity, we ensure that the optimum compaction force is delivered with fewer passes required.

Patented cooling technology inside the drum keeps temperatures balanced at around 90° centigrade, 20° lower than the industry average. This stable temperature regulation helps prolong component life and reduces maintenance.

Operating weight:

22,000 kg


Rated power:

140 kW


Vibration frequency:

28/33 Hz

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Operating Mass

22,000 kg

Mass On Vibrating Drum

11000 kg

Mass On Drive Axle

11000 kg

Front Drum Static Linear Load

506 N/cm


Shangchai SC8D180.3G2B1

Emission Regulation

Stage II

Rated Power

140 kW

Vibration Frequency

28/33 Hz

Nominal Amplitude

2.0/1.3 mm

Centrifugal Force

400/290 kN

Drum Diameter

1600 mm

1st Maximum Speed, fwd

2.7 km/h

2nd Maximum Speed, fwd

5.2 km/h

3rd Maximum Speed, fwd

11 km/h

4th Maximum Speed, fwd

Theoretical Gradeability


Min. GroundClearance

450 mm


3230 mm

Min. Outside Turning Radius

7000 mm

Overall Length

6450 mm

Overall Width

2340 mm

Overall Height

3150 mm