LiuGong Machines Help Build Leishenshan Hospital & Huoshenshan Hospital to Fight the Virus in Wuhan

China has fortified a nationwide defense against the coronavirus. Wuhan, alongside other cities in Hubei, have introduced the most stringent control measures in history. On January 23rd, the Bureau of Municipal and Rural Construction of Wuhan commissioned the construction of two emergency hospitals – Leishenshan Hospital & Huoshenshan Hospital in Hanyang, suburban Wuhan, following the model of the Xiaotangshan hospital in Beijing that was built when the country fought the SARS epidemic in 2003.

After hearing the news, LiuGong headquarters promptly worked with LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company, forming a Construction Machinery Security Team to fully cooperate with the Wuhan government to support the construction. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the challenge was to dispatch large quantities of goods and human resources in a short time. Sharing the social responsibility has become LiuGong’s custom, and just as it has always done, LiuGong stepped up to help.


On the same day, the Special Emergency Support Team directed by the General Manager of LiuGong Hubei Direct Sale Company was founded, actively contacting customers to dispatch excavators, rollers, and cranes to help on the construction of the Leishenshan Hospital & Huoshenshan Hospital.

Mr. Zhu and Mr. Zhou are LiuGong’s key customers, who have bought LiuGong machinery before, and among many others who are helping build the hospitals with their machines. “We sent two excavators to the construction site on Chinese New Year’s Eve,” said Mr.Zhu.

 “As is customary, the workers have already been on holidays before Spring Festival. But we regrouped the workers nearby after accepting this mission and now they are all working around the clock to help build the hospitals.” Mr.Zhu said.  

On the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital, many LiuGong machines are effortlessly working together, including the 952EHD excavator with 195 hydraulic hammer, 936 excavator, 950E excavator and 25-tonnage crane. LiuGong machines are also working on the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital, including the 920E excavator and  roller. They are working with other construction machines day and night to speed up the construction of the hospital.   

 Many LiuGong staff volunteered to join the battle, such as Zhu Yongjian, Safety Officer of LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company, and Yin Changfei, Sales Director of LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company. “I am a retired soldier; I am willing to fight on behalf of LiuGong! And I promise that I will accomplish this mission!”, “Being a LiuGong person, I am ready to help at all times!”

A service team composed of 50 staff from LiuGong Hubei Direct Sale Company was set up, and is 24 hours on call to meet the service requirements at the construction site. LiuGong Hubei Direct Sale Company also donated masks and oil to the hospitals and the construction site.

According to LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company, the construction site leveling job of the Huoshenshan Hospital has been completed, and the construction site leveling job of the Leishenshan Hospital is almost finished.

Building two hospitals in record time is truly a monumental task but LiuGong are prepared, committed, and tireless in their effort to help the country and its people.

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