LiuGong Presents New Energy and New Technology at BICES

September 4, 2019 – Beijing, China – In the rapidly progressing, Forth Industrial Revolution, represented by new energy, new technology and new materials, the technical breakthroughs are fast coming, accelerating the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry along with how we live and work.

At BICES 2019 in Beijing, LiuGong presents its new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as well as remote controlled intelligent wheel loaders based on 5G technology to the audiences.


Work Powerful. LiuGong Debuts its Battery Electric Vehicles

As a high efficiency, low cost, clean and renewable energy, electric energy will inevitably replace fossil oils in the future, promoting the rapid development of global electrification. As a result, battery technologies have developed fast in terms of more energy and less cost, laying a solid foundation for the electrification of construction machinery.

At BICES 2019, LiuGong is showing 3 battery electric vehicles (BEVs), including 2 excavators 906E-EV and 922F-EV as well as LiuGong’s star wheel loader, the 856H-EV.

“The total operating cost of a battery powered earthmover is or soon will be, depending on the exact vehicle design and customer application, lower than that of a diesel-powered machine” stated Mr. Edward Wagner, Executive Director of LiuGong New Technology.

LiuGong’s new BEVs are designed for the new electric economy. They utilize a state-of- art, but well proven, Lithium-ion battery systems for energy storage. That power is directed into super high efficiency permanent magnet electric motors to create the motion necessary to drive the machines. The machines mechanical and hydraulic systems have been optimized for high efficiency: a typical BEV will have peak power output that is 2x a conventional diesel power machine. This enables the battery electric earthmovers to accelerate faster and perform more coordinated movements. The movements will also be more precise given the full electronic vehicle control. More powerful, quicker and more precise all add up to more productivity, which is raised more than 10% compared to that of a diesel machine.

Different from diesel-energy equipment, batteries are designed to last the full life of the machine. Also, the burdensome daily maintenance and regular service of the diesel engine are eliminated since the battery system and electric motor systems require zero maintenance over the life of the vehicle. Both save time, materials and money.

The first generation of LiuGong’s BEVs’ batteries are equipped with fast charging technology and innovative energy-saving technologies, which only need one hour to charge the battery 80% to full and can maintain longer working hours. The customer simply plugs the vehicle into the charger and walks away to go do other work. When the machine is ready, they un-plug and go to work. The entire process is vastly cleaner than refueling a diesel machine.

“We are committed to creating more value for our customers. And that is why LiuGong will never stop independent innovation.” said Mr. Zeng Guang’an, Chairman of LiuGong Group, at the launch ceremony for LiuGong’s BEVs.

The LiuGong’s 906E-EV excavator is an example of how quickly and easily a diesel machine can be converted to battery electric. This machine utilizes most all of the diesel excavator’s hydraulic system allowing for a very rapid R&D time for conversion. It is equipped a battery that is large enough for full working day run time. Although it is a simple conversion, it is still a powerful, energy-saving and green new energy machine.

The striking new 922F-EV excavator is purely driven by electric power. The large battery pack is located centrally in the rear for optimum mass balance. The electric motor and hydraulic system have been optimally packaged to maximize operator visibility. The result is industry leading operator visibility which will further enhance performance and efficiency. The visibility improvement to the operator’s right-hand side is especially improved well beyond any competitors machine.

A feature of the new 856H-EV is a pure electric driveline with regeneration. This improves operating performance and reduces the energy consumption. The hydraulic system is electrically driven while using proven off the shelf components. Performance is incredible given the 300+kW peak power capability. The very large battery pack is located in the rear of the machine to replace the conventional counterweight. The overall vehicle layout and packaging yields operator visibility that is superior to today’s diesel wheel loader.

All three machines are designed using a new platform strategy. This means a very high degree of commonality of parts and systems across all of LiuGong’s new energy machines. This simplification of parts will further lower the total cost of ownership.

The customer who chooses the LiuGong family of new energy machines will be buying into a comprehensive new energy “ecosystem” that will minimize their cost of transition to electric machines. Part of this ecosystem is the charging. This “one stop shop” will solve all concerns of the customers.


Work Smart. LiuGong Launches New Remote-Control Intelligent Wheel Loader

With the rapid development of internet and intelligent technology, the industry is not only facing opportunities but challenges as well. To this end, LiuGong introduced the company’s first intelligent shovel remote control wheel loader at its 60th anniversary celebration last year. At BICES, LiuGong presents its new 5G-based remote-control intelligent wheel loader, co-developed and supported by China Telecom and Huawei technology.

According to Mr. Cai Dengsheng, Deputy Chief Engineer of LiuGong’s Intelligent Technology Institution, the model can be remotely controlled from over 2000 km away, compared to 2 km of last year, realizing real-time response and accurate control through the 5G network.

5G network is the most advanced network communication technology in the world with only 30 millisecond data transition from Beijing to Liuzhou. Meanwhile, the transmission quality or stability are not influenced by either a complex environment or long transition time. It is the best technical solution for timely, efficient and high-quality transmissions of large amounts of data. It provides a high-quality network environment and network technology support for LiuGong’s remote control driving research and provides strong support for the combination of edge calculation and cloud computing in intelligent control under remote control conditions. As one of the few Chinese construction machinery companies that has mastered the 5G technology, LiuGong is expected to realize remote-control driving from even longer distances under this platform.

In addition, LiuGong’s intelligent shoveling wheel loader can sense material penetration; has one bottom loading and dumping, along with bucket auto leveling and controllable placement of the bucket and features intelligent throttle control system.

LiuGong’s intelligent remote-control loader will change the working experience, the operator does not need to sit in the cab, they can stay in comfortable environment and use the remote control. The job can be done automatically by the intelligent system, while the operator only needs to press one button.

Under remote-control driving mode, all operations can be observed from the videos that are sent back by the machines’ cameras. It also applies the intelligent protection technology to realize automatic identification and auto emergency stop.

As a result, the machine can not only be used in its normal applications, but also can be widely used in dangerous and unsafe environments such as rescue and disaster relief, odorous or radiation environments.

At BICES 2019, visitors can have a close look at both LiuGong’s new BEVs and its intelligent wheel loaders and experience the new technology by themselves.

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