President of Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, visits LiuGong Dressta Machinery stand at the national Polish Exhibition of Economy

On January 16, Stalowa Wola hosted the national Polish Exhibition of Economy under the theme of “From the Central Industrial Region to 4.0 Economy” with the participation of the President of Republic Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda. LiuGong Dressta Machinery was present at the event and has showcased its new products including the new Dressta TD-25M series-1 crawler dozer, LiuGong 925E excavator and 835H wheel loader. On this significant day, LiuGong Dressta Machinery was also officially appointed a member of the Polish Association of Construction Employers. During the event, President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, visited the stand of LiuGong Dressta Machinery – one of the largest Chinese investors in Poland.

It was a great opportunity for Howard Dale, Chairman of LiuGong Dressta Machinery, and the management team to speak about our direct investment in the country for manufacturing excellence, people, Research & Development, next generation products and the value we create for the Polish economy through exports to over 50 countries worldwide from Stalowa Wola. Howard Dale, has personally introduced the new TD-25M series-1 dozer and Mr. President had the chance to experience it first hand by sitting inside the cabin and was impressed by the new machine which will make big share of the company’s exports to mines and construction sites all around the globe in the coming years as its flagship model for many years.

In his comments during his visit to LiuGong Dressta Machinery stand, President of Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, highly recognized and appreciated LiuGong’s investment and contribution in Poland. He also acknowledged the new technology and R&D investments that LiuGong is making in Stalowa Wola.

During his opening speech at the event, “It is clearly visible here in Stalowa Wola and in Podkarpackie, what a leap this city and region have made over the course of the past few years. How many high-tech and innovative companies have appeared, the extent of state-of-the-art technical know-how created here on a daily basis. We have ceased to be an assembly point and now becoming a country with a modern economy creating and applying new technologies, producing complex tools & machines and all that is necessary for the development of a strong economy. If we want to talk about the power of Poland, it is first and foremost a country based on a robust economy. And this is what must be its foundation”, said Polish President Andrzej Duda.

“The President could see for himself how Stalowa Wola is changing. The companies here with us today currently make use of the opportunity provided by modern technology and know-how, and delight us with what they manufacture and the way they do it. Much has changed, yet one thing has stayed the same for 80 years. It is the heart of the people of Stalowa Wola. People, who are honest, hard-working, who have great faith, patriotism, and all this is reflected in our strength and our economic power”, mentioned Lucjusz Nadbereżny, the mayor of Stalowa Wola City.

During the exhibition day, LiuGong Dressta Machinery Chairman, Howard Dale, received from the head of the Polish Association of Construction Employers, Jan Styliński, the certificate of becoming a member of the association. The association is a nationwide organization of companies from the infrastructure and construction industry, which together represent over 70% of the general market potential of investment management in Poland. The membership will allow LiuGong Dressta Machinery to work together with association and enhance possibilities of direct participation in shaping and creating solutions related to infrastructure and construction sectors.

Commenting on the visit of Mr. President and importance of the day, “Our employees are tied together by a common commitment, to ensure that every product that leaves this factory will delight its customer and is worthy of baring the LiuGong and Dressta brands. In Podkarpackie, we do not only continue the Polish tradition of manufacturing heavy machinery, such as Dressta dozers and pipe-layers, but we are also gradually introducing high-tech concepts, solutions and management strategies. We are all more than pleased that our effort has been appreciated today by President Andrzej Duda, who visited us in person. I hope that in the near future we will be working closer with the highest authorities and governmental associations of Poland. With such an ambitious plan of government that includes building further infrastructure in Poland, we can deliver even more construction equipment designed by Polish engineers and produced in Poland”, said Howard Dale.

LiuGong Dressta Machinery facility in Poland is set to double its output by 2023 thanks to new investments in manufacturing, R&D and the introduction of new models from its next generation of construction equipment. The Stalowa Wola plant manufactures Dressta dozers & pipe-layers, LiuGong Excavators and wheel loaders and via its drivetrain division ZZN, provides world-class gear components to global OEM’S.

It was a great memorable day for LiuGong Dressta Machinery to discuss partnership opportunities with all visiting governmental organizations, showcase our world-class products designed and produced in Poland with pride and it was an honor to host the President of Republic of Poland, Mr. Andrzej Duda, and all other national & regional dignitaries in his delegation at the LiuGong Dressta Machinery stand.

LiuGong Pushes into Quarry and Aggregates with New International Team

Liuzhou, Guangxi, China – 3 February 2020 – LiuGong is committed to providing the comprehensive solutions that customers have become accustomed to from LiuGong, and customer segments are becoming an increased focus for the company. 

The first step in realizing these goals is a new international team responsible for developing LiuGong’s quarry and aggregate business. Leading the team is John Calder, Director – Quarry and Aggregates.

Mr. Calder has worked with LiuGong for the last two years in product support and brings extensive industry experience. After university, where he studied Economics and Business, John worked at International Harvester in Australia for 5 years.  John then joined Caterpillar in Geneva, Switzerland where he held a number of senior international positions in marketing, sales and dealer development over a 30-year career. 

The new team will focus on “Back to the Basics”, lowering quarry and aggregate customers’ costs and making them more productive and more profitable. “Based on feedback from many customers, the competition seems to be doing it the other way around, so we see great potential to grow internationally. Our strategy is simple and is based on going back to four basic critical success factors: people, product, parts and service and price” commented Calder.

Calder is developing a truly international team that has over 250 years of experience in the quarry, aggregates and mining industries. The team is multicultural, speaks 10 different languages and are all deep subject matter experts with sales, marketing, product development, product support, rental and used, finance and dealer development backgrounds. Their primary role will be to work side by side with global dealers to ensure their teams are well trained and focused on the specific needs of quarry and aggregate customers.

The second key success factor is LiuGong’s products. LiuGong is well placed with a strong and well-balanced product portfolio that includes large wheel loaders, 50-, 70- and 90-ton excavators and rigid frame and wide-bodied trucks with more products and services under development.


The third critical success factor is parts and service. Machines working in quarries are in tough environments with tough materials. LiuGong knows that speed and backup with parts and service is essential. LiuGong has nine regional parts distribution centers with local support and is committed to world class parts availability of 95% within 48 hours.

Lower costs and higher profits for customers will be the final keys to LiuGong’s success. Through high performance machines using lower manufacturing costs, lower fuel & operating costs and lower parts & service costs through our dealers, LiuGong is committed to providing the lowest possible total cost of ownership for our customers.

Kevin Thieneman, Vice President, LiuGong Machinery, stated: “By focusing on the unique requirements of our quarry & aggregates customers, we want to develop enduring partnerships. John and his team are a great addition to LiuGong and are well placed to help LiuGong develop and maintain long-term relationships in this industry segment.”

Squibb Group continue to invest in LiuGong

Long established and well-respected Essex based demolition contractors, the Squibb Group, have been investing in LiuGong excavators since 2013 when they purchased their first two machines, the brand has proven to be extremely reliable and cost effective for them in the tough and rigorous demolition environment.

Among a raft of LiuGong excavators the Squibb Group has recently taken delivery of, is a new 50 tonne class 950EDM High Reach full demolition specification excavator.

The machine has been put straight to work on a phased project in Birmingham, where it is involved in the demolition of the former MG motor car plant in Longbridge. The project involves the demolition and major asbestos removal of 30 acres buildings and structural steel most of which is being undertaken by high reach excavators running various attachments. The materials are brought down to ground level for processing on site by smaller excavators like this LiuGong 928E with selector grab. Concrete and rubble will also be crushed on site for reuse at a later development stage.

The demolition is being carried out next to part of the car production facility which is still producing vehicles so Squibb Group are utilising large dust extraction units to keep dust release to a minimum in order to provide a clean environment next to the car paint shops.

The LiuGong 950EDM is powered by a Cummins EU Stage V emissions compliant engine which produces a power output rating of 282kw (378hp) @2,100rpm. The machine features a 30m high reach boom designed and manufactured by Ipswich based specialists Kocurek, who also widened the track frame and increased its length by 800mm which gives the machine an excellent footprint on the ground for increased stability.

The machine features all the usual demolition spec additions like heavy duty side impact guarding, full ROPS & FOPS cab protection and fall from height guarding.

Talking about his new mount operator Nick Smith said, “It’s a nice smooth machine with plenty of power, I also find the machine a lot more precise than earlier models, something that is very important when you are engaged in precision work like demolition, all in all it’s a good machine”.

Checkout our video as Nick Smith puts the machine to work in Longbridge.

By Nick Drew,squibb-group-continue-to-invest-in-liugong_2672.htm

LiuGong Machines Help Build Leishenshan Hospital & Huoshenshan Hospital to Fight the Virus in Wuhan

China has fortified a nationwide defense against the coronavirus. Wuhan, alongside other cities in Hubei, have introduced the most stringent control measures in history. On January 23rd, the Bureau of Municipal and Rural Construction of Wuhan commissioned the construction of two emergency hospitals – Leishenshan Hospital & Huoshenshan Hospital in Hanyang, suburban Wuhan, following the model of the Xiaotangshan hospital in Beijing that was built when the country fought the SARS epidemic in 2003.

After hearing the news, LiuGong headquarters promptly worked with LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company, forming a Construction Machinery Security Team to fully cooperate with the Wuhan government to support the construction. On Chinese New Year’s Eve, the challenge was to dispatch large quantities of goods and human resources in a short time. Sharing the social responsibility has become LiuGong’s custom, and just as it has always done, LiuGong stepped up to help.


On the same day, the Special Emergency Support Team directed by the General Manager of LiuGong Hubei Direct Sale Company was founded, actively contacting customers to dispatch excavators, rollers, and cranes to help on the construction of the Leishenshan Hospital & Huoshenshan Hospital.

Mr. Zhu and Mr. Zhou are LiuGong’s key customers, who have bought LiuGong machinery before, and among many others who are helping build the hospitals with their machines. “We sent two excavators to the construction site on Chinese New Year’s Eve,” said Mr.Zhu.

 “As is customary, the workers have already been on holidays before Spring Festival. But we regrouped the workers nearby after accepting this mission and now they are all working around the clock to help build the hospitals.” Mr.Zhu said.  

On the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital, many LiuGong machines are effortlessly working together, including the 952EHD excavator with 195 hydraulic hammer, 936 excavator, 950E excavator and 25-tonnage crane. LiuGong machines are also working on the construction site of Huoshenshan Hospital, including the 920E excavator and  roller. They are working with other construction machines day and night to speed up the construction of the hospital.   

 Many LiuGong staff volunteered to join the battle, such as Zhu Yongjian, Safety Officer of LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company, and Yin Changfei, Sales Director of LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company. “I am a retired soldier; I am willing to fight on behalf of LiuGong! And I promise that I will accomplish this mission!”, “Being a LiuGong person, I am ready to help at all times!”

A service team composed of 50 staff from LiuGong Hubei Direct Sale Company was set up, and is 24 hours on call to meet the service requirements at the construction site. LiuGong Hubei Direct Sale Company also donated masks and oil to the hospitals and the construction site.

According to LiuGong Hubei Direct Sales Company, the construction site leveling job of the Huoshenshan Hospital has been completed, and the construction site leveling job of the Leishenshan Hospital is almost finished.

Building two hospitals in record time is truly a monumental task but LiuGong are prepared, committed, and tireless in their effort to help the country and its people.

LiuGong Dressta Machinery announces appointment of New Chief Financial Officer

3 February 2020 – Warsaw, Poland – LiuGong Dressta Machinery (LDM) has appointed Katarzyna Skalna-Kądziela (Kate) as its Chief Financial Officer, effective February 3, 2020.

Based out of LDM, Stalowa Wola, Poland, in her role as CFO, Kate will be responsible for overseeing European finance and operations and will serve as a member of the management board of LDM, LiuGong Europe and hold a board directorship at LiuGong UK.


Kate will report to Mr. Howard C. Dale, Chairman of the Board, LiuGong Europe & LiuGong Dressta Machinery. “We are thrilled to welcome Kate to the team and I am confident she will be a significant asset to our business as we drive improvements and growth in every facet of our business. Kate has a proven track record along with the experience in manufacturing and finance that we have been looking for”, said Howard Dale.

Before joining LDM Kate held senior finance positions in Bombardier Transportation, DaimlerChrysler Rail Systems in Berlin and most recently, Malborskie Zakłady Chemiczne ORGANIKA where she was responsible for group finance, strategic sourcing & legal affairs. 

“I am honoured and excited to join the LiuGong family, and I look forward to helping the company achieve its strategic objectives of driving profitable growth through its LiuGong & Dressta brands, investments in manufacturing & innovation and continued focus on operational efficiencies, all creating value for stakeholders and customers”, commented Kate.

LiuGong UK announces the appointment of Key Account Manager Europe, for mining & quarry business.

2 March, 2020 – Portsmouth, England LiuGong UK has appointed Stephen Ternent as its Key Account Manager Europe, Mining & Quarry, effective March 2, 2020.

Based out of the UK, Stephen will be responsible for developing business in the UK and Europe with LiuGong’s global key accounts in mining and quarrying.

“We are delighted to welcome Stephen to the team, who brings with him many years of experience in the mining and quarrying industry. I am confident he will be a significant asset to our business as we step up our focus on the mining & quarry business” said Steven Ford, LGUK Operations Director.

Before joining LGUK, Stephen was regional manager at Babcock for seven years, where he was responsible for aftersales to key account quarry groups in the UK. He also served as regional plant manager for Tarmac for nine years with the responsibility of effectively running their fleet of equipment for the North of England & Scotland. Stephen started his career with Caterpillar as an apprentice before moving onto field service and then into depot management, where he was responsible for Finning’s Northern Branch operation, with particular emphasis on mines, quarries & waste.

“I’m looking forward to joining the LiuGong family and to get involved in a new area of business focus for LiuGong in Europe. I see this as a great opportunity to develop a newly created position within a familiar industry” commented Stephen.

LiuGong Acquires Hertz China

Liuzhou, Guangxi, China–2 March, 2020 –Herc Holdings Inc. (NYSE: HRI) has sold all of its interest in Hertz Equipment Rental Company Limited (AKA Hertz China), to Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Co., Ltd. Terms of the transaction have not been announced. The transaction is subject to the approval of relevant government authorities in China and is expected to close within 60 days.

“The sale of our business in China completes the disposition of all of our international operations to better focus on the North American market,” said Larry Silber, president and chief executive officer of Herc Holdings Inc. “We are pleased that the business will transition to LiuGong, a leader in the construction equipment and material handling industries in China. We believe that LiuGong will offer a significant growth platform for the Hertz China team.”

Kevin Thieneman, Guangxi LiuGong Machinery Vice President, said “For construction equipment, rental is the largest industry segment in Europe and North America and is projected to become a significant portion of the industry in China. Rental already represents more than 90% of the industry for aerial work platforms in China. We are pleased to acquire a business led by an experienced team trained in the business methodologies of one of the world’s leading rental companies. The Hertz China business will enable LiuGong and our dealers to accelerate the development of rental solutions both in China and globally.”  

What’s it about? Putting LiuGong to the test at CONEXPO

Las Vegas, USA – March 10, 2020 – LiuGong will show 15 machines at the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show featuring state-of-the-art technologies that make them well-suited to the demanding North American market


LiuGong’s display at the show is expected to reflect themes arising from a “What’s it about” dialogue between LiuGong North America and its family of dealers. To be successful in the highly competitive North America environment, LiuGong is taking steps above and beyond its competitors.

Our goal is equipment solutions that offer North American customers the most competitive total cost of ownership throughout its full line of equipment. The initiative includes organizational enhancements that ensure continuing delivery on its commitment.

They know it’s about uptimes and bottom lines, sturdy machines and firm handshakes, options and features that all come standard, toughness on the outside, but operator comfort within, saving without sacrificing and about putting LiuGong to the test to deliver.

Mani Iyer, president of LiuGong North America, said: “Our wheel loaders, excavators, dozers and forklifts are tested and proven around the world. Now we have an organization and support mechanisms in place in North America that bring the full benefits of our global organization to our dealers and customers.”

LiuGong’s ability to offer its customers such competitive equipment is also due in large part to the strategic and joint venture partnerships it maintains with global leaders like Cummins, ZF, Rexroth and Kawasaki. It not only means LiuGong machines feature the latest advances in components and technology but also one of the market’s most competitive warranty programs.

Machine highlights of the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show include the North American premier of its new F-Series excavators: the 9018F, 9027FZTS and 922F models.

Launched at BICES Beijing in September 2019, the F-Series is the sixth generation of LiuGong excavators. The F-Series platform allows for localization of the products. It was designed for North America, Western Europe and China but also is suitable for emerging markets and is well-suited to a variety of applications from construction and mining to forestry.

LiuGong will also be displaying several compact excavators of special interest to the North American rental market, including its 9035EZTS and 909ECR excavators. The 9035EZTS is a zero-tail swing design with 0.14 yd3 bucket capacity. The 909ECR is a compact radius tail swing excavator with 0.37 yd3 bucket capacity. Both are ideal for tight workspaces such as those often encountered in utility and landscape work.


A straight blade with blade float comes standard on the 9035EZTS and is available as an option for the 909ECR. Like all LiuGong machines, the strikingly attractive design of these compact excavators increases their “curb appeal” – adding further value for their owners that is often overlooked.  

Additionally, LiuGong is showing its next generation 2D machine control platforms for excavators. Intuitive, easy-to-learn software running on simple operating systems enables operators of all skill levels to work faster and more productively. The 2D/3D platform is becoming the industry standard for excavators and is being applied to both LiuGong’s E and F-Series and select dozers.

A world leader in design and manufacture of wheel loaders, LiuGong is giving North American customers a chance to see the new Stage V 856H and Tier 4 Final 877H models firsthand. The Stage V 856H was launched in Europe last April. The 877H, which fills a gap in LiuGong’s offerings of wheel loaders’ bucket capacity, making it complete from 2.5 to 7.1 yd3. It has already received positive feedback from both LiuGong dealers and their customers.

The new Dressta TD-16N dozer being unveiled at CONEXPO 2020 features best-in-class visibility, as well as improved safety and performance. Visibility is one of the top core-design focuses of the new TD-16N. No other make or model rivals the view the TD-16N now offers operators around its cab and of the blade, ripper and tracks. The new TD-16N will rewrite the rulebook for the industry.


Completing LiuGong’s line-up at the show is a 950E excavator, a 388B skid steer loader, a LSC0607DE slab scissor and three forklifts: 2025G, 2025G-C and 2030H.

Kevin Thieneman, LiuGong Vice President and Chairman of LiuGong North and Latin America, said, “We want to be the choice for customers who desire construction and material handling equipment that is affordable, reliable and can get the job done with the lowest total cost of ownership.”


By not only putting LiuGong’s machines to the test in the field but by putting our organization to the test, LiuGong North America will prove to its dealers and customers, our commitment to this market and to them.


LiuGong will be exhibiting at CONEXPO from 10-14 March in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Booth #F6781. For further information, please visit:

LiuGong is Committed to the Customer’s Success

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States – 10 March 2020 –For more than 60 years, LiuGong has been committed to providing our customers with the best products and service to help them succeed in their business.

LiuGong is recognized as the manufacturer of a full line of tough machines that have been proven to withstand the most extreme working conditions for any job, anywhere. What’s more important, LiuGong has evolved to become a provider of comprehensive solutions that satisfies customers in every aspect of their business: financially, geographically, versatility and service. LiuGong has worked closely with its global dealers and partners to offer our customers one of the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.


 Speaking of LiuGong’s development, Mr. Zeng Guang’an, Chairman of LiuGong Group says: “LiuGong is always keeping abreast of the changing market and thinks ahead to fulfill our commitment to our customers. In 2019, LiuGong promoted ‘total globalization, total solution and total intellectualization’ as our major strategies for 2025 and with the “three totals”, LiuGong is to build the business together with our dealers, partners and customers all over the world.”

LiuGong has grown fast in international markets. Over the past year, 51 new dealers joined LiuGong, and over 100 new branches were opened globally. These additions are complementary to our current network to provide close and fast service to customers. As a result, nearly 2,000 new customers selected LiuGong for their equipment needs.


 “It is time for LiuGong to move forward. In 2020, LiuGong will continue to build localized support for our global business.” said Zeng. In fact, LiuGong has already made many strides in the localization progress. In early 2019, LiuGong acquired CPMS in the UK, building its first international retail business. In January 2020, LiuGong celebrated the grand opening of LiuGong Indonesia, bringing the total of overseas regional subsidiaries to 13. And in the United States, LiuGong enlarged its organization with local, experienced talent and started local assembly of LiuGong excavators. All these initiatives have helped LiuGong to provide more customized products and focused services to help our customers succeed.


 The opening ceremony of LiuGong Indonesia

 LiuGong understands that the customers’ needs are never as simple as just a machine. They want full solutions, full support with low TCO. Going beyond our equipment, LiuGong has strived to offer an entire package that covers the entire value chain throughout a machine’s life cycle.

LiuGong is cooperating with financial companies to carry out flexible and diverse solutions for both our dealers and the end users. For the aftersales market, LiuGong continues to improve capabilities in service, parts, training and technology support. Both parts availability and fill rate has been increased significantly throughout 2019.

Additionally, LiuGong has expanded the product offerings to meet with customers’ specific application needs and now with 19 product lines, LiuGong can help our customers in any sector: earthmoving, infrastructure, mining, road and highways, municipals, forestry, among othersIn 2019, we launched 62 new products in 12 product lines, including Stage V wheel loaders, F-series excavators and tailor-made machines, such as snow removal and demolition excavators.

Furthermore, the advent of the new industrial revolution represented by big data, IOT, automation, electrification and intellectualization has brought both opportunities and challenges to CE manufactures. Intellectualization is a key strategy for LiuGong and one of the approaches to this goal is to enhance and expand our cooperation with partners.

At 2019 BICES in Beijing last year, LiuGong launched a series of notable technologies and achievements; 5G remote controlled intelligent shoveling wheel loaders and Battery Electric Vehicles, among others. Jointly developed with China Telecom, the application of 5G remote control technology enables equipment to be controlled from over 2000 kilometers away with only 30 milliseconds delay and will expand machines’ utility in dangerous and unsafe environments. Meanwhile, the first generation BEVs, were unveiled; including an 856HEV wheel loader and two excavators, the 906E-EV and 922F-EV.


 LiuGong debut the F-series at BICES

“Working with our partners, LiuGong is applying proven technologies in our equipment; effectively reducing development time of new products. It is a win-win approach for both LiuGong and our partners” said Mr. Huang Haibo, President of LiuGong. “And most importantly, it will benefit our customers in the end. With improved machines’ performance, they can realize increased profits. Through ‘working smart and working powerful’ principle, LiuGong also boosts our customers’ success.” he concluded.

For LiuGong, 2020 has started with challenges but we are poised and ready to meet both the challenges and the opportunities.