LiuGong’s New 95 Tonne Excavator, 995F, sets the new standard in mass excavation.

The new 995F again proves that LiuGong are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to industrial design and smart engineering. With a strong design language that appeals to customers’ needs, this all-new excavator is a great example of LiuGong’s tough equipment for a tough World promise. The New 995F is the result of thorough analysis of customer performance requirements and LiuGong’s extensive testing in demanding mining and quarry applications. 

“The New 995F is the first model of our large excavator F-Series range and delivers the toughness and reliability you would expect from LiuGong. It’s tough but it also excels in controllability and comfort, so it is perfectly matched to the demands of customers and operators in the European market,” said Harry Mellor – Excavator Product Manager for LiuGong Europe.

LiuGong are targeting the 995F at heavy-weight jobs in mining, quarrying and demolition where cost per tonne, reliability, operator safety and comfort are the key considerations. Powered by an 18.1-liter Perkins engine producing 447kW of power with low engine speed and high torque, the 995F delivers class leading tear out forces. To further improve cycle times, operating precision and fuel efficiency, the 995F is equipped with 3 operating modes: Eco, Standard, and Power. 10 engine speeds allow the operator to balance power and efficiency to meet the application’s requirements. The 995F also features an Advanced Variable Electro-Hydraulic System, which adjusts the flow distribution according to the operating conditions. The 995F comes with increased functionality, including the boom float assistance. With 2 operating modes for loading and breaking, the boom is allowed to lower under its own weight, which reduces fuel consumption, prevents damage and increases operator comfort.

The 995F is no exception when it comes to LiuGong’s well-deserved reputation for toughness and is fully armed to face the toughest operating conditions. Its heavy-duty, variable gauge undercarriage features high strength forged sprockets and large diameter idlers with thickened wearing layers. Deep profile double grouser track plates provide longevity and higher traction when travelling. The 995F also has a specially tailored Demolition Package version – 995FDM – complete with bucket cylinder guard, swing open Level II FOPS guard, plus rotation pipework and an attachment drain line.

Justin Ffrench from J. Ffrench Ltd. in Bedfordshire, UK is clearly pleased with his first 995FDM. “Very impressed with the way this machine delivers. It’s got the power you want but with the controllability you need. It’s put together very well. I think LiuGong have a very credible machine here for heavy applications,” commented Justin French.

With an all-new spacious cab design, the 995F provides excellent protection, visibility, and comfort. Storage for large drinks bottle, backpack, hard hat and a phone, all-round climate control and the fully adjustable luxury heated seat creates the perfect operator environment. An 8″ LCD touchscreen display with additional jog dial offers simple and intuitive access to all of the machine’s functions and key data.

Howard Dale, Chairman of LiuGong Europe, is confident that LiuGong have given customers in the heavy-weight sector something to think about. “We see the launch of the New 995F as part of our commitment to add value to our customers’ businesses. With this new heavyweight model, we can now offer them a wider range of top quality, tough machines designed for Europe. The 995F is proof that we are not just listening to our customers, we are delivering for them too,” mentioned Dale.


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