November 17, 2021 – Zaragoza, Spain – Over 100 LiuGong dealer partners from across Europe met in Zaragoza, one of Spain’s most historic cities and the location for SMOPYC exhibition, to share LiuGong’s exciting plans for 2022. Under the theme, “Moving Up A Gear” LiuGong again demonstrated how their accelerated approach to creating even greater value for their customers and dealer partners will continue at a pace in 2022.

“It’s amazing and quite emotional, to be able to meet our dealer partners face-to-face for the first time since November 2019” explained Hakan Ilhan, Vice President, LiuGong Europe. “With new product launches right across our range, from the all-new F-Series excavators to our new Dressta TD-15M series-2 dozer, it was great to be able to switch off our web-based calls and touch, feel and experience these amazing machines in person.”

The 2021 dealer conference was supported by DIR, Spain’s exclusive dealer for LiuGong. DIR represent the perfect example of LiuGong’s approach to its business partners and with LiuGong’s support, have enjoyed rapid expansion since their establishment in 2019.

“LiuGong provided us the perfect business opportunity” explained DIR’s CEO David Iglesias. “They have excellent products, built, tested, and supported in Europe, but they also have a long-term mindset focusing on building relationship and trust. Over the last 4 years, they have really helped us to establish LiuGong as a potential future leader in the Spanish market.”

LiuGong’s Dealer Conference was scheduled to coincide with SMOPYC, Spain’s leading construction equipment exhibition, where LiuGong & DIR showcased their latest F-Series excavators, the all-new 915FCR, 922F and 926F. These new models join the existing line-up of F-Series excavators that were launched last year which include the 9018F, the 9027F and the awesome 95-ton powerhouse, the 995F.

Harry Mellor, LiuGong’s Product Manager for Excavators for Europe explains; “With the F-Series range, we have listened to our customers & operators and have delivered a range of machines that are easy to use, easy to own and easy to maintain. It’s not rocket science, it’s just customer focus matched with intelligent design.”

Designed by LiuGong’s UK based, Red Dot Award winning design team, the F-Series excavators take customer centric design to a new level. They benefit from spacious, modern, high-visibility cabs with the highest levels of comfort and ergonomics. Visibility and safety are enhanced with the inclusion of 360-degree cameras. Ground level maintenance makes daily checks and servicing faster, safer, and easier. When it comes to power and control, the F-Series machines come with Stage V compliant engines and full electro-hydraulic systems. LiuGong have a reputation for tough excavators and this will be further enhanced by the extended maintenance intervals enjoyed on the F-Series range.

Aside from the new F-Series excavators range, LiuGong have been moving up a gear across their product portfolio particularly in wheel loader product line and Dressta crawler dozers. Notable highlights from the SMOPYC exhibition were the new Stage V 890H wheel loader and the new TD-15M series-2 crawler dozer. The TD-15M benefits from a new high visibility cab design, increased power output with improved operator control thanks to electrohydraulic joysticks and easy maintenance designed in. Pushing 173 kW (232 hp) and with a drawbar pull of 472 kN, the TD-15M is perfect for roads and highways, landfill sites, forestry and general construction.

“We are thrilled about our new product launches and about the potential for our business here in Spain with DIR and across Europe with all our dealer partners” said Chairman, LiuGong Europe Howard Dale. “Our continued growth in Europe will be the result of close co-operation with dealer partners with proven aftersales infrastructure, supported by our industrial capability in Poland and our world-class parts distribution centre. Our proximity to our customers will significantly reduce shipping costs and provide faster delivery on a majority of our genuine LiuGong parts.

With exciting new products in the pipeline, continued investment in people and network infrastructure and a consistent focus on delivering a leading brand and customer experience, LiuGong’s dealer partners who attend the dealer conference and visited the SMOPYC exhibition clearly shared LiuGong’s optimism for 2022.


According to DIR’s CEO David Iglesias. “The pandemic may have caused, and may continue to cause some disruption, but we, together with LiuGong are practical people, we adapt quickly, and we find solutions for our customers quickly too. We have already started to move up a gear in our business and we will continue to accelerate that progress.”


LiuGong Direct UK win the prestigious “Supplier of the Year Award” at the 2021 British Demolition Awards

September 10, 2021 – Portsmouth, England – LiuGong’s focus on and success in the tough demolition sector has been recognized with the BDA’s (British Demolition Awards) prestigious Supplier of the Year Award. Sponsored by industry leading Demolition Hub magazine, this new award for 2021 recognizes the highest levels of quality and service to the demolition industry.

BDA’s founder Ben Chambers explains, “The Supplier of the Year Award made its debut this year. The judges felt that we needed an award to really acknowledge the significant contribution suppliers bring to our industry. The competition for this award was fierce but the judges unanimously agreed that LiuGong Direct UK met the high standards demanded by this award. As a winner they demonstrated a consistently high standard of industry knowledge, product and service excellence and an extremely proactive and “can do” attitude to the industry.”

This prestigious award underlines LiuGong’s long-term commitment to create sector specific excellence. By talking and working with customers, LiuGong have developed genuine industry insight which they have translated into perfectly matched, specialist machines backed up by a proactive approach to service and support.

“I don’t think a “one-size-fits-all” approach really works today.” said LiuGong Direct UK’s Managing Director Steven Ford, “Customers want specialists not generalists, that’s why we’ve listened to what demolition customers really want and have used that insight to ensure that we are building machines that are perfectly matched to the exact requirements of the industry. Of course, it goes beyond tough, reliable machines – we match our parts and service capability too because in demolition, downtime is not an option.”

LiuGong’s approach has helped them develop an increasingly strong reputation in the industry with leading UK demolition contractors including, Brown & Mason, Squibb, Keltbray and J Ffrench all operating LiuGong machines.

According to Rob Honour, Plant Manager at Squibb, “We were one of the first customers to choose LiuGong in UK – we now own over 100 machines. We choose LiuGong because the machines are tough and reliable and the support from the UK team is second-to-none. They keep their promises and do what they say they will do. From the parts, sales and service guys in the UK, right up to the Chairman in China, everyone is approachable. They are always ready to talk, and ready to listen – that’s something you just don’t get from most manufacturers.”

LiuGong offers a comprehensive range of specialist demolition excavators from 17 to 95 tonnes. These machines are designed to be tough from the ground up and benefit from reinforced, high visibility cabs, strengthened boom, arm and undercarriage and full suite of hydraulic lines. But LiuGong go further with a proactive approach to parts stocking and supply. With a “parts on the shelf” policy, LiuGong’s demolition customers can be sure of the highest parts availability.

Harry Mellor, LiuGong’s Product Manager for excavators, explains; “We know the demolition segment can be really tough on the machines and we know from working closely with customers the type of parts they most commonly need. We keep a selection of parts including door panels, bucket cylinders and track rollers, constantly available, I think customers really appreciate this proactive approach.”

LiuGong Direct UK are rightly proud to be recognized as the UK’s demolition supplier of the year, but the success is unlikely to go to their heads. Their focus will be to continue to build on this achievement in the UK. With the exciting New F-Series launches in the pipeline and investment earmarked for further network growth, LiuGong aim to continue to keep their customers right at the heart of the business.

LiuGong Dressta Machinery showcased its newest machines and impressed Polish operators at the eRobocze Show

Lubień Kujawski, 11 September 2021 – LiuGong Dressta Machinery (LDM) has participated once again in the 9th edition of eRobocze event in Lubień Kujawski with a line up of 13 machines (5 demo, 8 static) and a giant stand covering a whopping area of 2400m2.

eRobocze is Poland`s leading live showcase event with dynamic machine demonstrations and competitions organized among operators. It sets a large platform for visiting operators from around the country to get inside the cab of machines of various brands and test the latest models for themselves and have a first-hand impression.

In this edition of the show, thanks to the 13 machine line-up of tough equipment designed for the harshest conditions that have been showcased to the operators, LiuGong Dressta Machinery has successfully dominated the event with its stand and demo traffic. The demo machines included the new Dressta TD-15M series-2 crawler dozer, the massive 950E excavator, two units of the 9018F mini excavator and the all-new generation F-Series excavator, 924F, that drew the most attention throughout the entire event.

The visiting operators have taken part in a competition organized on the 924F during the first half of the day and also had the opportunity to watch two exciting demo shows conducted by LDM operator with the massive 950E and the new 924F in the afternoon hours. Some select few visiting operators have also been part of “LiuGong`s Listening Lab” with the 924F where LDM has put together a very professional machine trial process specifically for the show to collect quality feedback from operators with the intention of further improving the new generation F-Series excavators.

The all-new 924F was by far the spot-light attraction point of the show and received very well feedback from the operators specifically for its controllability, stability, swing speed and digging force during the machine competition and LiuGong`s Listening Lab. F-Series puts the operator at the heart of the machine and with ultimate control, it`s making it easy and safe to operate with maximum productivity. An all-new cab that puts operators in the comfort zone, electro-proportional joysticks, variable auxiliary flow circuit for precise control of attachments, load-sensing hydraulics for ‘pinpoint’ metering & smooth-control are only some of the key features that sets the F-Series apart.

The new Dressta TD-15M series-2 has also been one of the most engaging and appealing demo machines of the entire event as it was a very exciting opportunity for Polish operators to see the new version of the TD-15; a model with high reputation within the Polish construction industry for decades. The all new-cab making the operator feel at home and the electrohydraulic controls allowing perfect command & control were well appreciated by those who have tried out the machine in the demo zone.

The 5 demo machines were teamed up with the 9018F, 9027F, 9035E, 909ECR, 922E, 835H, 856H, and 877H; all demonstrating LiuGong`s collaboration with customers to deliver machines with features tailored for mining, aggregates, demolition, material handling, utilities, landscaping and road & highway.

Howard Dale, Chairman of LiuGong Dressta Machinery, commented “We have a long-term commitment and confidence in the Polish market. Our goal is to provide world class service also through exhaustive parts availability for both LiuGong and Dressta customers wherever they are located in Poland, the nation we call our home land. Alongside our investments in people, R&D, Product Support, we have also been investing in broadening our national coverage by setting up direct retail operations composed of true industry professionals. We are very happy to be at eRobocze once again. It`s a great event helping us to gain feedback from the highest profile operators of the country about our products, listen to them and shape our future products and services.”

AEV, LiuGong Israeli dealer, celebrates upgrading of their main facilities

Last week our Israel dealer, AEV, have celebrated the upgrading of their main facilities and the new investments with a 2-day customer event attended by 300+ guests. Customers and other guests had the opportunity to find out more about LiuGong brand and our future plans of growth during the speech of Hakan Ilhan, Vice President of LiuGong Europe. At the event, LiuGongs newest F-Series excavator model 9018F was also at display along side a range of LiuGong excavators and wheel loaders. Our special thanks and appreciation go to our customers in Israel for their business and we are equally celebrating the new investments made by the AEV group and wishing them all the success and further growth.

Awesome Earthmovers about 995F!

“For contractors looking to add a 100-tonne class production excavator to their fleet, the list of manufacturers offering such a machine has just got a little longer. LiuGong, a leader in China’s construction equipment industry, has recently added their 955F excavator into their European range with the first example coming into the well-known fleet of Justin Ffrench”.

Chinese President Xi paid a visit to LiuGong

Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China inspected the city of Liuzhou in South China’s
Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and paid a visit to LiuGong.

Xi learned about the reform and innovation of enterprises, and the development of the manufacturing industry and distinctive
local businesses. He said that only innovation can help the equipment manufacturing industry become stronger.

Xi visited LiuGong’s culture hall, R&D test center and excavator assembly factory. He also listened to LiuGong’s recent development and communicated with LiuGong’s staff. 

From building its first wheel loader Z435 in 1966 to the brand new 856E MAX electric wheel loader, LiuGong has opened a new chapter in the independent research and development. During the past 62 years, LiuGong has been committed to technology innovation and followed the strategy of total globalization, total solutions and total intelligent.

So far, LiuGong has 13 categories of 32 product lines, among which the global sales volume of wheel loaders ranks first. With 5 global R&D bases, 13 overseas subsidiaries, 17 global regional parts centers and 20 manufacturing facilities, LiuGong has delivered its products to over 170 counties and the overseas sales revenue has kept increasing in the past six years, which accounts for more than 30% of its total revenue. 

LiuGong’s New 95 Tonne Excavator, 995F, sets the new standard in mass excavation.

The new 995F again proves that LiuGong are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to industrial design and smart engineering. With a strong design language that appeals to customers’ needs, this all-new excavator is a great example of LiuGong’s tough equipment for a tough World promise. The New 995F is the result of thorough analysis of customer performance requirements and LiuGong’s extensive testing in demanding mining and quarry applications. 

“The New 995F is the first model of our large excavator F-Series range and delivers the toughness and reliability you would expect from LiuGong. It’s tough but it also excels in controllability and comfort, so it is perfectly matched to the demands of customers and operators in the European market,” said Harry Mellor – Excavator Product Manager for LiuGong Europe.

LiuGong are targeting the 995F at heavy-weight jobs in mining, quarrying and demolition where cost per tonne, reliability, operator safety and comfort are the key considerations. Powered by an 18.1-liter Perkins engine producing 447kW of power with low engine speed and high torque, the 995F delivers class leading tear out forces. To further improve cycle times, operating precision and fuel efficiency, the 995F is equipped with 3 operating modes: Eco, Standard, and Power. 10 engine speeds allow the operator to balance power and efficiency to meet the application’s requirements. The 995F also features an Advanced Variable Electro-Hydraulic System, which adjusts the flow distribution according to the operating conditions. The 995F comes with increased functionality, including the boom float assistance. With 2 operating modes for loading and breaking, the boom is allowed to lower under its own weight, which reduces fuel consumption, prevents damage and increases operator comfort.

The 995F is no exception when it comes to LiuGong’s well-deserved reputation for toughness and is fully armed to face the toughest operating conditions. Its heavy-duty, variable gauge undercarriage features high strength forged sprockets and large diameter idlers with thickened wearing layers. Deep profile double grouser track plates provide longevity and higher traction when travelling. The 995F also has a specially tailored Demolition Package version – 995FDM – complete with bucket cylinder guard, swing open Level II FOPS guard, plus rotation pipework and an attachment drain line.

Justin Ffrench from J. Ffrench Ltd. in Bedfordshire, UK is clearly pleased with his first 995FDM. “Very impressed with the way this machine delivers. It’s got the power you want but with the controllability you need. It’s put together very well. I think LiuGong have a very credible machine here for heavy applications,” commented Justin French.

With an all-new spacious cab design, the 995F provides excellent protection, visibility, and comfort. Storage for large drinks bottle, backpack, hard hat and a phone, all-round climate control and the fully adjustable luxury heated seat creates the perfect operator environment. An 8″ LCD touchscreen display with additional jog dial offers simple and intuitive access to all of the machine’s functions and key data.

Howard Dale, Chairman of LiuGong Europe, is confident that LiuGong have given customers in the heavy-weight sector something to think about. “We see the launch of the New 995F as part of our commitment to add value to our customers’ businesses. With this new heavyweight model, we can now offer them a wider range of top quality, tough machines designed for Europe. The 995F is proof that we are not just listening to our customers, we are delivering for them too,” mentioned Dale.


LiuGong is Committed to the Customer’s Success

For more than 60 years, LiuGong has been committed to providing our customers with the best products and service to help them succeed in their business.

LiuGong is recognized as the manufacturer of a full line of tough machines that have been proven to withstand the most extreme working conditions for any job, anywhere. What’s more important, LiuGong has evolved to become a provider of comprehensive solutions that satisfies customers in every aspect of their business: financially, geographically, versatility and service. LiuGong has worked closely with its global dealers and partners to offer our customers one of the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.


 Speaking of LiuGong’s development, Mr. Zeng Guang’an, Chairman of LiuGong Group says: “LiuGong is always keeping abreast of the changing market and thinks ahead to fulfill our commitment to our customers. In 2019, LiuGong promoted ‘total globalization, total solution and total intellectualization’ as our major strategies for 2025 and with the “three totals”, LiuGong is to build the business together with our dealers, partners and customers all over the world.”

LiuGong has grown fast in international markets. Over the past year, 51 new dealers joined LiuGong, and over 100 new branches were opened globally. These additions are complementary to our current network to provide close and fast service to customers. As a result, nearly 2,000 new customers selected LiuGong for their equipment needs.


 “It is time for LiuGong to move forward. In 2020, LiuGong will continue to build localized support for our global business.” said Zeng. In fact, LiuGong has already made many strides in the localization progress. In early 2019, LiuGong acquired CPMS in the UK, building its first international retail business. In January 2020, LiuGong celebrated the grand opening of LiuGong Indonesia, bringing the total of overseas regional subsidiaries to 13. And in the United States, LiuGong enlarged its organization with local, experienced talent and started local assembly of LiuGong excavators. All these initiatives have helped LiuGong to provide more customized products and focused services to help our customers succeed.


 The opening ceremony of LiuGong Indonesia

 LiuGong understands that the customers’ needs are never as simple as just a machine. They want full solutions, full support with low TCO. Going beyond our equipment, LiuGong has strived to offer an entire package that covers the entire value chain throughout a machine’s life cycle.

LiuGong is cooperating with financial companies to carry out flexible and diverse solutions for both our dealers and the end users. For the aftersales market, LiuGong continues to improve capabilities in service, parts, training and technology support. Both parts availability and fill rate has been increased significantly throughout 2019.

Additionally, LiuGong has expanded the product offerings to meet with customers’ specific application needs and now with 19 product lines, LiuGong can help our customers in any sector: earthmoving, infrastructure, mining, road and highways, municipals, forestry, among othersIn 2019, we launched 62 new products in 12 product lines, including Stage V wheel loaders, F-series excavators and tailor-made machines, such as snow removal and demolition excavators.

Furthermore, the advent of the new industrial revolution represented by big data, IOT, automation, electrification and intellectualization has brought both opportunities and challenges to CE manufactures. Intellectualization is a key strategy for LiuGong and one of the approaches to this goal is to enhance and expand our cooperation with partners.

At 2019 BICES in Beijing last year, LiuGong launched a series of notable technologies and achievements; 5G remote controlled intelligent shoveling wheel loaders and Battery Electric Vehicles, among others. Jointly developed with China Telecom, the application of 5G remote control technology enables equipment to be controlled from over 2000 kilometers away with only 30 milliseconds delay and will expand machines’ utility in dangerous and unsafe environments. Meanwhile, the first generation BEVs, were unveiled; including an 856HEV wheel loader and two excavators, the 906E-EV and 922F-EV.


 LiuGong debut the F-series at BICES

“Working with our partners, LiuGong is applying proven technologies in our equipment; effectively reducing development time of new products. It is a win-win approach for both LiuGong and our partners” said Mr. Huang Haibo, President of LiuGong. “And most importantly, it will benefit our customers in the end. With improved machines’ performance, they can realize increased profits. Through ‘working smart and working powerful’ principle, LiuGong also boosts our customers’ success.” he concluded.

For LiuGong, 2020 has started with challenges but we are poised and ready to meet both the challenges and the opportunities.

What’s it about? Putting LiuGong to the test at CONEXPO

Las Vegas, USA – March 10, 2020 – LiuGong will show 15 machines at the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show featuring state-of-the-art technologies that make them well-suited to the demanding North American market


LiuGong’s display at the show is expected to reflect themes arising from a “What’s it about” dialogue between LiuGong North America and its family of dealers. To be successful in the highly competitive North America environment, LiuGong is taking steps above and beyond its competitors.

Our goal is equipment solutions that offer North American customers the most competitive total cost of ownership throughout its full line of equipment. The initiative includes organizational enhancements that ensure continuing delivery on its commitment.

They know it’s about uptimes and bottom lines, sturdy machines and firm handshakes, options and features that all come standard, toughness on the outside, but operator comfort within, saving without sacrificing and about putting LiuGong to the test to deliver.

Mani Iyer, president of LiuGong North America, said: “Our wheel loaders, excavators, dozers and forklifts are tested and proven around the world. Now we have an organization and support mechanisms in place in North America that bring the full benefits of our global organization to our dealers and customers.”

LiuGong’s ability to offer its customers such competitive equipment is also due in large part to the strategic and joint venture partnerships it maintains with global leaders like Cummins, ZF, Rexroth and Kawasaki. It not only means LiuGong machines feature the latest advances in components and technology but also one of the market’s most competitive warranty programs.

Machine highlights of the 2020 CONEXPO-CON/AGG show include the North American premier of its new F-Series excavators: the 9018F, 9027FZTS and 922F models.

Launched at BICES Beijing in September 2019, the F-Series is the sixth generation of LiuGong excavators. The F-Series platform allows for localization of the products. It was designed for North America, Western Europe and China but also is suitable for emerging markets and is well-suited to a variety of applications from construction and mining to forestry.

LiuGong will also be displaying several compact excavators of special interest to the North American rental market, including its 9035EZTS and 909ECR excavators. The 9035EZTS is a zero-tail swing design with 0.14 yd3 bucket capacity. The 909ECR is a compact radius tail swing excavator with 0.37 yd3 bucket capacity. Both are ideal for tight workspaces such as those often encountered in utility and landscape work.


A straight blade with blade float comes standard on the 9035EZTS and is available as an option for the 909ECR. Like all LiuGong machines, the strikingly attractive design of these compact excavators increases their “curb appeal” – adding further value for their owners that is often overlooked.  

Additionally, LiuGong is showing its next generation 2D machine control platforms for excavators. Intuitive, easy-to-learn software running on simple operating systems enables operators of all skill levels to work faster and more productively. The 2D/3D platform is becoming the industry standard for excavators and is being applied to both LiuGong’s E and F-Series and select dozers.

A world leader in design and manufacture of wheel loaders, LiuGong is giving North American customers a chance to see the new Stage V 856H and Tier 4 Final 877H models firsthand. The Stage V 856H was launched in Europe last April. The 877H, which fills a gap in LiuGong’s offerings of wheel loaders’ bucket capacity, making it complete from 2.5 to 7.1 yd3. It has already received positive feedback from both LiuGong dealers and their customers.

The new Dressta TD-16N dozer being unveiled at CONEXPO 2020 features best-in-class visibility, as well as improved safety and performance. Visibility is one of the top core-design focuses of the new TD-16N. No other make or model rivals the view the TD-16N now offers operators around its cab and of the blade, ripper and tracks. The new TD-16N will rewrite the rulebook for the industry.


Completing LiuGong’s line-up at the show is a 950E excavator, a 388B skid steer loader, a LSC0607DE slab scissor and three forklifts: 2025G, 2025G-C and 2030H.

Kevin Thieneman, LiuGong Vice President and Chairman of LiuGong North and Latin America, said, “We want to be the choice for customers who desire construction and material handling equipment that is affordable, reliable and can get the job done with the lowest total cost of ownership.”


By not only putting LiuGong’s machines to the test in the field but by putting our organization to the test, LiuGong North America will prove to its dealers and customers, our commitment to this market and to them.


LiuGong will be exhibiting at CONEXPO from 10-14 March in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds, Booth #F6781. For further information, please visit: